Ferrymead Heritage Park
Christchurch, New Zealand

The Tramway Historical Society Inc.

Type British United Traction (BUT), but subcontracted to Scammell Lorries Ltd

In the turning circle outside the Trolley Bus Barn a Ferrymead. Photo: Stephen Taylor 4th Oct 2008

Same as previous photo, but different angle. Stephen Taylor 4th oct 2008.

Date Built Into service: 10 July 1964
Written Off Withdrawn from service: 1986-1988
Acquired by THS
From Wellington City Transport.
Restored Acquired in going order.

This trolley bus regularly operates on the Society's Trolley Bus circuit at Ferrymead Heritage Park.

The following information is from Bradley Knewstubb's web-site - refer to the links page:

Make:  Scammell Lorries Ltd
Bodywork:  New Zealand Motor Bodies
Electrical:  English Electric
Motor:  120 bhp 
Seating Capacity:  42

By the time Wellington had placed its last order direct to British United Traction for more trolleybuses, BUT were no longer manufacturing trolleybuses. They sub-contracted to Scammell Trucks Ltd, the only English firm to respond to BUT's request.