Ferrymead Heritage Park
Christchurch, New Zealand

The Tramway Historical Society Inc.

Type British United Traction RETB 1, body work by Dunedin City Transport Dept.

At Ferrymead. Photographer Dave Jones?

At the back of the Society's Trolley Bus Barn getting some fresh air. Photo: Stephen Taylor 4 Oct 2008

At the back of the Society's Trolley Bus Barn getting an inspection from Roger Comber, Society member. Photo: Stephen Taylor 4 Oct 2008

Date Built Entered service in Dunedin on 11 September 1962
Written Off Widthdrawn from service 18 March 1982
Acquired by THS ?
Restored Acquired in going order.

This trolley bus regularly operates on the Society's Trolley Bus circuit at Ferrymead Heritage Park.

The following information is from Bradley Knewstubb's web-site - refer to the links page:

Make: British United Traction RETB 1
Bodywork: Dunedin City Transport Dept, wooden composite construction.
Weight: 12,044lbs    Dimension:  33ft 4 in by 8 ft
Electrical: Metropolitan Vickers
Motor: 135 bhp with over hung generator
Controllers: Electromagnetic contactors operated by 2 12v batteries in series (batteries non-regenerative). Acceleration not automatic, but on a 13-stage scissor arm system. Current limit relay for hill climbing
Braking: 2-step rheostatic; compressed air; and coasting brake for hill work (limits speed to 15mph forward or 2mph reverse on hills)
Tire Size:  110 x 20 (12 ply)   Air Pressure:  80psi (fully inflated)
Seating:  40 plus driver