Ferrymead Heritage Park
Christchurch, New Zealand

The Tramway Historical Society Inc.

Type Crossley Empire; New Plymouth City Council Bodywork

Running in Wellington on a visit there in March 1999 at the Wellington 50th Anniversary Trolley Bus Festival. Photo: Lachlan Rendall, March 1999

Visiting Wellington. Probably same event as previous photo, Photographer unknown but may be Dave Jones

At home in the Society's Trolley Bus Barn. Photographer Stephen Taylor 4th Oct 08

Date Built Into service: 20 October 1950
Written Off Withdrawn from service: 7 October 1967
Acquired by THS 1967
From New Plymouth City Council. (Along with the Wellington Tramway Museum, the THS was involved in scrapping the New Plymouth Trolley Bus route.)
Restored In going order

The following information is from Bradley Knewstubb's web-site - refer to the links page:

Make:   Crossley Empire
Bodywork:   New Plymouth City Council
Electrical:  Metropolitan Vickers
Motor:  125 hp
Controllers:   Metropolitan Vickers
Seating Capacity:  42 plus driver
Number Purchased: Four

These are the only remaining Crossley trolleybuses to survive in the world. They, along with Wellington may have been the last orders filled by Crossley as the company was purchased by AEC in 1948.