Ferrymead Heritage Park
Christchurch, New Zealand

The Tramway Historical Society Inc.

Type Drop Centre 8 wheel Car

It is seen here running on the Ferrymead Tramway some time before its transfer to the Christchurch Tourist Tramway in 1995. Photo: Dave Carr

Date Built 1910, Boon & Co Ltd, Christchurch
Written Off 1952?
Acquired by THS 03 August 1969
From Falcon St New Brighton
Restored 1978/81, 21-08-1981, CTB chairman Hon Jock Mathieson drove the first trip

No 152 was the third electric tram to be restored by the THS.

No 152 runs on Peckham 14D5 trucks. As none were available anywhere in the world, the Society made patterns for the frames to be cast and assembled the trucks in the Ferrymead trambarn using driving wheels, axles and motores from Melbourne number 9 trucks (with 33" wheels). It is believed that these were the first trucks to be made by a museum anywhere in the world.

The Boon class comprised 28 trams build in three series from 1906 and are named after their manufacturer. Tram 152 is a member of the thirs series of boon trams built in 1910.

This class of trams became the fore-runner of the drop centre style of tram which became common throughout Australia and New Zealand. (Both Brisbane tram 236 and Melbourne tram 244 also shown on these pages are 1920's examples from Australia).

After a number of years in service on the Ferrymead Tramway, 152 was refurbished for the City Tramway where it runs today - typically coupled with Duckhouse trailer 115.