Ferrymead Heritage Park
Christchurch, New Zealand

The Tramway Historical Society Inc.

Type Toastrack

Toastrack No. 36 as new in 1906. One of 2 toastracks still running till 1951

Dunedin #37 (Photo Graham Stewart)

Toastrack tram decorated during World War 1 to raise funds for the Wounded, and the Dependants of Fallen Soldiers. (Photo W Poole) THS Collection

Toastrack No. 37 on the traverser at Ferrymead May 1986 (Photo Colin Loach)

Date Built 1903 by J G Brill & Co, Philidelphia
Written Off January, 1951
Acquired by THS 1969
From Clutha Cabins, Cromwell Gorge, Central Otago
Restored Unrestored, awaiting restoration

Built by J. G. Brill and Co. Philadelphia, USA these open cars were known as Toastracks because of their cross bench seats. Dunedin had 15 cars numbered 29 to 43 and they went into service between 1904 and 1906. These trams had striped canvas blinds on the sides, that pulled down to protect passengers from wet weather.  After the Tramways Amendment Bill in 1913, 6 trams were converted to Californian Combos while 5 others were stripped of their electrical equipment to build the Boon type DCC built, Caversham (Cavy) Cars. They were used as trailers for a while. Two Cars, 36 and 37 remained as Toastracks until 1951 when they were scrapped.  Car No. 37 was brought to Ferrymead where it is awaiting restoration.
(Reference : Always a Tram in Sight by Graham Stewart, Grantham House 1996)