Ferrymead Heritage Park
Christchurch, New Zealand

The Tramway Historical Society Inc.

Type Tramway Historical Society Inc

Early days - being constructed

Being used to tow trailers - 74 & 115 on a busy day. Note how full the carpark is. Photo copyright and used with permission: lindsaybridge (flickr) 17 April 1982.

On the Ferrymead Tramway. Photo: Barry Marchant, 18 May 2002

Date Built 1970 and added to over time
Written Off n/a
Acquired by THS n/a

The Beast has been described as 'a collection of spare parts joined together by arc welding'. It is based on a spare truck obtained from Melbourne many years ago. Other trucks of this type were broken down to provide driving wheels and motors for our Peckham 14D5 trucks as used under Boon 152.

The use of the tower for overhead work is obvious. With three air compressors installed there is a good supply of air for operating pneumatic equipment used in track maintenance.

An arc welder driven by a 600 volt motor provides welding and 230 volt ac power anywhere along our track.

A water tank and weed spray bar are fitted, the water being pressurised with the compressed air. The tram is also used to carry lifting and other equipment needed in an emergency.

Lastly, it has been pressed into use as a locomotive hauling trailers for passenger service on rare occasions!