Ferrymead Heritage Park
Christchurch, New Zealand

The Tramway Historical Society Inc.

Type AEC Double Decker RT

The bus as it arrived in New Zealand, Photo B J Dale

It is shown here carrying advertising for our benefactors. Photo, G Clephane

The bus is pictured here at Ferrymead after undergoing a rebuild which took three years. Both sides and ends of the body were progressively dismantled and reframed, the chassis repaired, and the wiring replaced. The engine also received some attention. Photo: B Marchant 21 Oct 2002

As it looks currently. Photo: ?

Date Built 1949
Written Off
Acquired by THS 1974
Restored Received in running order

This bus was brought to New Zealand in support of the English team at the 1974 Commonwealth Games. When it arrived it was painted as a Union Jack.

After the games ended a generous donation from a local department store enabled the Society to purchase the vehicle which was then repainted in the traditional London colours although it had always run in London as a Green Line bus.